If you have ever wanted to grow a lemon tree but don't think it's possible because you don't live in a tropical climate, think again. Lemon trees can be grown indoors from seed. A bright, sunny area inside that has a little extra space will provide the right environment to grow a lemon tree from the seed of a fresh lemon.

Step 1
Place 3-inch-tall peat pots on a plastic seed tray. Fill them with sterile potting soil. Saturate the soil with water. Allow the water to drain from the soil and soak into the pot.
Step 2
Cut open a lemon and remove the seeds. Rinse the seeds with lukewarm water. Rub off the slimy film that coats the seeds.
Step 3
Bury the lemon seeds 1 inch deep below the soil. Cover the tray of peat pots with a sheet of plastic wrap. Set the tray on top of a warm surface, such as a refrigerator or water heater.

Step 4
Move the pots to a bright, sunny window when the seedlings begin to germinate, giving them a minimum of five hours of bright light. Move the pots one at a time if some germinate before the others. Remove the seeds from under the plastic when they germinate.

Step 5
Plant the seedlings in a larger pot when the roots begin coming through the peat pots. Fill a pot that is at least 8 inches high by 8 inches wide halfway with sterile potting soil. Set the lemon tree and peat pot into the soil.

Step 6
Fill the rest of the pot in with more soil. Water until the soil is moist. Move to a bigger pot as the lemon tree grows.

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