Growing pear trees takes patience. They are the easiest fruit trees to grow, but they take two to four years to bear fruit. You can purchase pear seeds or get them directly from the fruit. To germinate, pear seeds have to go through a period called stratification at about 40 degrees F

Step 1
Collect or buy your pear seeds right before autumn so you can plant them during the current growing season.

Step 2
Decide where you want each pear tree seed to go. Make sure the area is free from grass and weeds. Dig a hole about 2 inches deep and add decomposed compost mixed equally with fresh potting soil. Place the seed in the hole and bury it. This ensures that stratification will occur naturally in the winter.

Step 3
Mulch the soil and soak it thoroughly with water. Use a flag or post to mark the area where you planted the tree. Water the seed twice a week.

Step 4
Watch for sprouting in the spring and continue watering. During dry spells, make sure you water the seedling more than usual. Consider staking the young tree so strong winds don't knock it over. During the first year, add fruit tree fertilizer to the area extending about a foot from the base of the tree.

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