How to Grow Watermelon from Seeds
If you live in a climate with a short growing season, consider starting your watermelon seeds indoors. Watermelons thrive in full sun. Be sure you plant after the last frost date!
Not surprisingly, watermelons love water, and rich, well-composted soil. Work the soil well and ensure it has good drainage before planting your seeds. Plant your watermelon seeds in hills or rows. Only 3 or 4 seeds should be planted per hill, and the hills should be 8 to 10 (about 7-9 meters) feet apart.
One week following germination, thin all but the strongest seedling or two from each hill. When planting in rows, plant seeds 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15cm) apart, and later thin them to about a foot (36cm) apart. If you are planting a bush variety watermelon, your final spacing can be cut in half if you are tight for space.
It is advised to use a nitrogen fertilizer on your watermelon plants until flowers form. Then, switch to a high phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.
Keep your watermelon patch free of weeds so that the watermelons do not have to compete with the weeds for moisture.
Provide lots of water!
If you are trying to grow extra big watermelons, you can cover the vines with garden soil. This aid secondary root growth where the leaf stems and vine meet. This could potentially add pounds to your produce!
Be sure to remember how many days it will take your variety of watermelon to reach maturity.
Most people tap their watermelons and listen for a dull thump to know when the fruit is ripe. Other maturation signs include the ceasing of growth, the yellowing of the underside and the drying of the stem near the fruit’s base.

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