Barbados Pride- 5 seeds

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5 Fresh,Quality seeds
Caelsalpinia pulcherrima, the Red Bird of Paradise or Peacock Flower, is native of South America and most tropical climates. This is one of the most beautiful flower shrubs. It measures 5 meters high by 3 meters wide in nature. It can be kept inside as an apartment plant and pruned to a smaller size. The blooming season is from May to August. Incredible orange-red flowers with very long red stamens grow in large grapes. The name of the shrub comes from the resemblance between the flower and the bird. These flowers are quite impressive and bring attention. They have a light smell. The foliage is evergreen or semi-persistent in softer climates. The trunk grows upwards before growing sideways. The long green leaves are stingy on one side. The shrub produces small light brown fruits that are toxic. Prune after blooming season to keep your shrub looking good. Hardiness zones 9-11 (-5°C/25°F, 4°C/40°F) in winter. The plant dies if the temperature falls below -10°C. The foliage is affected at -8°C. Caelsalpinia pulcherrima can very well resist to periods of dryness. Needs protection against cold and wind. Will grow well in full sun and requires a good watering.