Black lily seeds-sale

Black lily seeds-sale

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How to grow lilly from seeds step by step?

Step 1: Seed selection

It is an important factor before cultivating lily from seeds. We will collect seeds from lily flowers, six to eight weeks after bloom. We must select ripe and healthy seeds for that. Seeds should be cleaned and husk free. According to a species of lilies, there is a huge difference in lilies seeds. At the end of summer, seeds ripe properly for the sow.

The ripe seed is dark, strong and dry. After seeds collection and before implanting seeds in the garden we must storage seeds in the cold and dry place.

Step 2: Preparation of soil

Lily will grow anywhere if its seeds are sow appropriately. However, for beginners it better to cultivate it in the pot or a container.

Preparation of soil

Lily flower requires fertile lands and mould. Soil’s pH level should be 5.5 to 6.5. For Asiatic hybrid pH level will be 6-7 and on the other hand, for oriental species, we must keep pH level 5.5-6.5. Amount of chlorine will be 1.5 ml mole per square meter.

At first, mix the soil with humus, leaf fertilizer or cocoa and wait a few days. Urea, Phosphate, Potash are also very good for growing lily. Mix three of those composts in an equal amount in a pot and then mix it with the soil. Keep this mixer for a few days again.

After that, mix some organic compost also and then wait for one or two weeks. Now, this soil is ready for sowing seeds.For Asiatic lily, we need properly moisture the soil because it cannot grow in dry soil.


Step 3: Seeds cultivation

When the soil is ready then we can sow the collected ripe seeds. In a plant, flower comes in the time of rainy season and winter. So we can say that lily flower will bloom in the plant June to September. 

Therefore, we must sow seeds at the end of spring and beginning of summer. Therefore, from February to March we will start sowing seeds in the garden. This is a suitable time to plant Lily flowers.

In some of the species, seed ripe at end of the summer, that is why they will sow at the end of summer.


Spring Summer Time

At first, we will make a 10 cm deep hole in the pots or container. If the container is big then the distance between two seeds will be at least 6-7 cm. From seeds, the flower will come after 3-4 years. Before growing plants, we will water in the soil twice in a day.

Step 4: Control the climate

Lilies grow well in the green house. In the day, it needs temperature 18-12 degree centigrade and in the night, 10-15 degree centigrade.

Step 5: Watering in plants

Watering is an essential part of any kinds of plants. As lily sow in the time of summer so we must take proper care about watering in the flower. However, watering also depends on the types of soil because some soil can hold water for a long time and some are dry, types of plants or species and humidity. After sowing seeds, we must water in the plants in the morning and evening.


Watering plants

It will make the color of the flower attractive and give perfect shape to the petals. However, excessive water is not good for plants, so we should take care of it. Oriental species cannot take too much water. In summer, 6-8 litres water is perfect for per square meter every day. However, in the winter 5-6 litres water is appropriate for per square meter. 

Step 6: Plants protection

We can use a nylon net or bamboo fence around the garden to protect plants from harmful animals and children. We can use insecticides also for killing harmful insects. Such as- Weighable Sulphur, Methane, Methyl Demeton etc.

Step 7: Cultivation in the open garden

If anyone wants to grow lily in the open garden also. For that, they must take at least 300/225/150 square cm.

At first, we must make the soil ready to sow. Next, in the time of sowing, we will make 3 cm deep hole for each seed. We should avoid making too much deep hole in the open field because sometimes flower never blooms in the plant.

The distance between two seeds will be 5-6 cm and the distance of rows will be 20-25 cm. In the open garden, we should plant lilies in a high place to avoid water-logging. Because excessive water spoils the roots. 

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