Cornflower Tall White seeds
Cornflower Tall White seeds
Cornflower Tall White seeds
Cornflower Tall White seeds
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Cornflower Tall White seeds

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Cornflower Seeds

Harbinger of Young Love

Approx 75-100 seeds

Cornflower, or Bachelor’s Button, is a popular annual flowering plant growing 16-35 inches tall. Cornflower plants grow quickly, and bloom heavily. The ease of planting this seed is compounded by its rewards as gardeners enjoy the butterflies and beneficial insects it attracts and the deer that it resists.

In folklore, blue cornflowers were worn by young men in love. Bring out your inner romantic by planting Cornflower seeds in any of the colors that Eden Brothers offers – blue, red, pink, white, and one we call “Almost Black”.

Cornflower "Tall White" Seeds - Bachelor Button Seeds
Cornflower – or Bachelor Button – is one of the most popular wildflower seed varieties in the United States and the wider Occidental world. Not only is cornflower attractive and affordable, but it is also a vigorous species with a wide-ranging adaptability that typically renders it easily grown from seed. The “Tall White” is a curiosity, and will likely prove to be quite the conversation-starter when planted among the more conventional Centaurea varieties.
  • Fast Facts
Name: Cornflower / Bachelor Buttons - Tall Red
Botanical Name: Centaurea cyanus
Life Cycle: Annual
Color: Red
Bloom Season: Spring/Summer
Height: 28-36 Inches
Light Requirement: Sun/Partial Shade
Sowing Method: Direct Sow