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Everlasting pink Sweetpea seeds-10

Everlasting pink Sweetpea seeds-10

$ 5.17

10 fresh quality seeds to plant

Sweet Pea Seeds

Sweet Fragrance, Soft Touch

Sweet Peas seduce us each year with their fragile, sweet fragrance and graceful tendrils which twine around plants and structures within their reach. An annual climbing plant, Sweet Pea seeds such as Royal Mix, Multiflora Colorama Mix, Old Spice Mix, Spencer Mix, and the perennial Everlasting Pea can produce flowering vines up to 6+ feet with delicate jewel-toned flowers.

Dwarf varieties such as Sweetheart Mix, Knee-High Mix, and Bijou Mix dazzle our garden borders with their abbreviated, vase-ready stalks.

Early sowing is one of the secrets of Sweet Peas: Zone 7 and colder, plant in late winter or early spring; Zone 8 and above plant Sweet Pea seeds in late fall to see late winter blooms.

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