Giant Climbing Nasturium Mixed -seeds Approx 5

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Approx 5 seeds
Trailing vines up to 8 feet long are adorned with trumpet-shaped flowers, some solid colors and others beautifully mottled and striped, in a waterfall of brilliant reds and golds.

Product Details
Planting Season: Spring
Planting Depth: 1
Soil Requirements: Light, well-drained
Fertilizer Type: 4-6-7
Flowering Season: Summer
Bloom Time: Summer to frost
Care Level: 3 - Normal
Light Requirements:
Fragrant: Yes
Edible Parts: Flowers and leaves
Physical Details
Flowering: Yes
Foliage Color: Green
Flower Color: Assorted
Germination: 10 to 14
Spacing: 12
Seed Start Direct: Yes
Determinate/Indeterminate: Determinate
Hybrid/Open Pollinated: OpenPollinated
Resistance Details
Botanical Name: Nasturtium
Drought Resistant: Yes

Nasturtium, of the genus Tropaeolum, are loved for their rich, jewel-toned colors. They are fast and easy to grow and are often seen freely rambling hillsides. Choose from any of our beautiful annual Nasturtium seed varieties from Orange Gleam to Fiery Festival and every shade of orange/red/yellow in between. Both the flowers and the leaves are edible, with a peppery taste similar to a radish. Delight both your garden and dinner table with beautiful Nasturtium flowers!