Heavenly Glory Poppy seeds

Heavenly Glory Poppy seeds

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Poppy Seeds The Queen of all Wildflowers!

Grown in all parts of the world, poppy seeds have been a favorite in gardens and pastures for thousands of years. With shiny, outstretched petals resembling crepe paper, poppy blossoms never disappoint! Easy to grow and fast flowering, these wildflowers prefer to be sown in cool weather. Though classified as an annual, poppies love to reseed and come back year after year, much like a perennial, with minimal effort.

Choose the best option for your garden from our wide assortment including California Poppies, Shirley Poppy Mix, Iceland Poppies, Poppy Somniferum, Poppy Peony and Flanders Red Corn Poppy. Painters, poets, lovers (and even witches!) can’t be wrong – plant your poppy seeds for that beautiful field of color to inspire the romantic inside you!


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