Hollyhock Seeds- 8 Colors available!

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Hollyhock Seeds

Antique Becomes New Again

Suffering a bit of an identity crisis, Hollyhock has been variously described as a biennial, as an annual, or as a short-lived perennial. Due to its frequent self-sowing, Hollyhock gives the perception that it is a perennial. Alternately, Hollyhock may flower during its first year if planted early enough, which proves that it may be an annual. In actuality, Hollyhock seeds are technically a biennial, and each plant will live its two-year life cycle in a wide range of soils.

Easily reaching a height of 8 feet tall, plant Hollyhock seeds in your garden where they will tower with their impressive stalks and beautiful range of colors. If you love the look but want shorter stems, try our Majorette series; these grow no more than 2-3 feet tall.

Approximately 25 seeds