LOVE IN THE MIST-- "Mrs. Jekyll White seeds

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Approx 50 Fresh,Quality and locally cultivated seeds.
A rare, true White bloom, Love in a Mist is favored for its unique flower and delicate, feathery foliage.
Wispy, lace-like foliage on this wildflower helps give Nigella damascena its romantic common name, which has charmed its way into cottage gardens for hundreds of years. Though an annual, Love in a Mist self-seeds so dependably that you can be sure to see its blooms in the same spot (and a few surprises!) year after year.

Sow Love in a Mist seeds directly in the garden in full sun right where you want them, as transplanting is usually unsuccessful. At the end of the season, its lacey foliage and attractive seed pods will continue to add interest where its blooms once stood.