Lupine Pixie seeds

Lupine Pixie seeds

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 Pixie Dwarf Mix Lupine SeedsLupinus hartwegii nanus -  Approx 12 seeds

Petite and delicate, this is a unique variety of a popular wildflower. Pixie or Hartwegii Lupine are miniature versions of their better known, tall cousins. Blooming in an array of shades of pale violet and pink to deep, rich blues and purples, Dwarf Pixie Mix Lupine is a dazzling addition to any garden or meadow.

  • Fast Facts
Name: Dwarf Lupine - Pixie
Botanical Name: Lupinus hartwegii nanus
Life Cycle: Annual
Color: Mixed - Blue/White/Pink
Bloom Season: Spring/Summer
Height: 12-16 Inches
Light Requirement: Full Sun
Sowing Method: Direct Sow

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