Mixed datura tree seeds

Mixed datura tree seeds

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Approx 5 seeds
How to Grow Datura from Seed
Datura is a tropical plant, although not as difficult as some to grow, and makes a wonderful greenhouse or conservatory specimen, but a word of caution: All species of Datura are toxic. All parts of the plants are toxic with the seeds typically containing the highest concentrations of toxins. Care must be taken when handling these plants and there may be risks to children and pets. Always wash your hands immediately after handling any Datura or Brugmansia
Although closely related and similar in appearance, Datura are all annuals or short-lived perennials with no woody growth and upward facing blooms. Brugmansia grow into woody perennial shrubs, or even trees in tropical climates and their blooms dangle downwards. An novel way of remembering the difference between the Datura and Brugmansia is - Devil's Trumpet looks up to Heaven, while Angel's Trumpet looks down towards Hell!
Datura do best in full or close to full sun, they do not take kindly to colder temperatures and a draughty position will likely result in leaf drop. Frost will kill the plant. Grow outdoors Datura does best in full sun in frost-free area in moist but well-drained soil. Regular watering is necessary during the growing season, keep the soil moist without over wetting. During the winter reduce watering but never let the soil completely dry out.
Datura are fast-growing plants and need to be re-potted into larger containers every spring. Full-grown plants will reach a maximum height of 5 to 8 feet making them difficult to pot-on, instead scrape off the top several inches of soil and replace it with fresh potting compost adding a controlled-release fertilizer at the same time.
Sow seeds in a moist, well drained compost, lightly covered with vermiculite. Do not exclude light as the seeds need this to germinate. Cover pots or tray with a plastic lid or seal inside a plastic bag
Seeds may take anything from 7 to 40 days to germinate. Prick out each seedling as it becomes large enough to handle and transplant into individual 3 inch pots. Datura will grow fast, don't let them get root-bound, keep transplanting them up to larger pots.
Gradually acclimatise to outdoor conditions for 10 to15 days before planting out if required.

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