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Rare Pink Lotus flower-seeds

Rare Pink Lotus flower-seeds

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3 Fresh, Quality seeds
Nelumbo nucifera pink, or the Sacred Lotus, is suitable for bogs and water gardens. An aquatic perennial, originally from Indonesia and India. It grows-up to a height of 4-6 feet depending on the dept of the swamp or creek it is growing in, maximum spread of 9 inches. It can be grown in a pot. Widely cultivated for its large pink flowers. The plant has its roots firmly in the mud and sends out long stems to which their leaves are attached. The big circular leaves are floating at the surface and the flowers above it. The plant has a velvet foliage. The fruits are a conical pod with seeds contained in holes in the pod. When the seeds are ripe, they become loose in the pod. The pod then tips down towards the water, releasing the seeds. The beautiful and fragrant pink flower opens in the morning and petals fall in the afternoon. These flowers can be 9 inches across. The pink Sacred Lotus blooms year around in tropical regions, or late Spring if you experience a Winter. The flowers, seeds, young leaves and rhizomes are edible, while the big leaves, 2 feet in diameter, are used to wrap food in. Hardiness zones 4-10, (-32°C/-25°F, 1°C/35°F) in Winter. Winter hardy as long as the roots do not freeze. Loves full sun but can grow in partial shade. It need very high moisture. The Lotus grows best in rich soil with 1/2 inch of rinsed gravel on top of the soil. The pot is completely submerge in calm freshwater.

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