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Red Japanese maple Tree seeds - Approx. 5

Red Japanese maple Tree seeds - Approx. 5

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5 fresh seeds to grow
Acer palmatum atropurpureum, the Redleaf maple are known to make wonderful informal upright bonsai. Native to Japan, China and Korea. In nature, it is a small growing tree to 5 meters with a dense, spreading habit. This small deciduous tree is a very showy. These trees have the most beautiful red leaves in the Spring and Fall. During the Summer they tend to shade to a duller red or bronze, then go back bright red in the Fall. The leaves are 5-7 lobed and cut halfway to the centre of the leaf blade. The leaves are very small and delicate. The leaves reduce nicely to 1" or less. It looks wonderful on a sunny Autumn day with the sun shining on it superb foliage. Redleaf maple start branching out at an early age. The trunks remain green/red for a very long time and the branches will remain green/redish even when the trunk has started showing a rough bark texture. Hardiness zones 5-8, (-26°C/-15°F,-10°C/15°F) in Winter. Prospers in full sun to light shade, and in fertile, moist well drained soils, neutral to acid, away from strong winds.

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