Russell Lupine Dwarf seeds
Russell Lupine Dwarf seeds
Russell Lupine Dwarf seeds
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Russell Lupine Dwarf seeds

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Lupine Seeds - Russell Strain - Minarette Dwarf Mix
Lupine are a wildflower classic, growing easily in just about every region of the country! The beloved Russell Strain boasts of perennial reliability with minimal maintenance and this unique Minarette Dwarf Mix is compact enough to plant just about anywhere!
Approx. 10-12 seeds


  • Fast Facts
  • Name: Russell Lupine - Minarette Dwarf
    Botanical Name: Lupinus polyphyllus Russell Strain
    Life Cycle: Perennial
    Color: Various - Pink, Red, Blue, White, Yellow
    Height: 18-24"
    Light Requirement: Full Sun to partial shade
    Sowing Method: Direct Sow or Indoor Sow

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