Two Melon Combo USDA Organic seeds

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This is a 2 melon combo - Nothing tastes sweeter than growing it your self!
Approx. 20 Organic Honey Rock Melon
Grow Organic Heirloom Melons - Plant Organic Honey Rock Melon Seeds
Organic Honey Rock Melon – or Honey Rock Cantaloupe – is an heirloom variety and former All-America Selections Winner. This melon produces unusually large melons that typically weigh as many as 7 pounds each. Very sweet taste.
Melons up to 7 Pounds 75-90 Days to Harvest Prefers full sun exposure
Approx. 15 Organic Sugar Baby Watermelon seeds
Sugar Baby is the ideal watermelon for the home gardener that wants big taste with limited space. This variety is extremely popular with new and experienced watermelon growers. Sugar Baby is easy to grow from seed, and tends to be an abundant producer.
Watermelons grow best in warm weather and sandy soils. Make sure their trailing vines have plenty of space and let your melons enjoy the warm summer sun for delicious, sweet harvests!
Dark Green with Pink Flesh; 5-10 Pounds 75-90 Days to Harvest Prefers full sun exposure